Strides by the Japanese Government to render support to Sierra Leone’s food security drive has resulted in the implementation of a mega rice project, totaling $1.25m specifically in Buya Romende Chiefdom Port Loko District. The sustainable rice production project, which is going to be implemented for a period of five years, is a financial support provided by the Ministry of Agriculture in Japan to WFP to actualize the government’s food security drive through the distribution of seed rice to farmer households in the chiefdom. The bilateral project aims at rehabilitating 106 hectares of unproductive swampland and train farmers to improve rice production and post-harvest management techniques with-in the target period, and link the rice production with markets to facilitate commercialization through the WFP’s Purchase for Progress Initiative. The WFP Country Director, Gon Myers noted that the project; being implemented in both Sierra Leone and Liberia, further aims at benefiting 450 households. He said that irrigational facilities and other farming technologies that will enhance sustainable rice production will be provided through training opportunity in the course of the project. He said that at the start of the project this year, 70-80 tons of rice will be given out to farmer households, with each receiving about 3kilogram of rice per day based on the magnitude and quality of work.